Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe
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Count Olaf's theater troupe are a group of cohorts allied with Count Olaf and his crimes.


The members are frequently referred to as Count Olaf's "associates", "assistants", "comrades", "accomplices", or "henchmen". Although nominally an acting troupe, the members' primary occupation is serving as accomplices to Olaf in kidnap, embezzlement, larceny, and, in extreme circumstances, arson and murder. Although Snicket states the troupe has ten members[1] (and suggests Olaf may have between 25 and 41 henchman),[2] five original members and three later recruits are the most consistently featured. When the Baudelaires first meet the troupe, five members are described in detail: the one who looks like neither a man nor a woman, the bald man with the long nose, the two white-faced women, and the hook-handed man.[3] When Olaf burns down the Caligari Carnival, he allows three sideshow freaks to join his ranks: Hugo (a hunchback), Colette (a contortionist), and Kevin (an ambidexter). As the series progresses, Olaf swiftly begins to lose these accomplices: the one who looks like neither a man nor a women is trapped in the burning Heimlich Hospital; the bald man with the long nose is eaten by circus lions; the white-faced women voluntarily leave; and the hook-handed man joins his vigilante sister Fiona in mutiny. By the time Olaf burns down the Hotel Denouement, only the circus freaks remain. Whether they survive the fire is never stated.


Behind the ScenesEdit



Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe as they appear in the film.

All five original members of Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe appear in the film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Television seriesEdit

All five original members of Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe appear in the first season of the television series A Series of Unfortunate Events.



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