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Gustav Sebald was a prominent filmmaker who directed and wrote numerous films. He was also an important member of the secret organization V.F.D.. His main work for that organization was transmitting messages through the dialogue in his film via the Sebald Code.


Over his long career Sebald directed a great number of films including: Ghosts in the Desert, Goblins in the Garden, Mummies in the Jungle, Lions in the Mountains, Vampires in the Retirement Community, Leeches in the Lake, Werewolves in the Rain, Surgeons in the Theater, Gorillas in the Fog, Bats in the Train Station, Ants in the Fruit Salad, Zombies in the Snow, Hypnotists in the Office, Bigfoot in the Mall, Alligators in the Sewer, Realtors in the Cave, and The Littlest Elf.[1]



Behind the ScenesEdit



Gustav as portrayed by John Dexter.

In the film Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Baudelaire's viewing of Sebald's film Zombies in the Snow is omitted. However, Montgomery Montgomery mentions that he had an assistant named Gustav who recently decided to quit. The film cuts away to this Gustav tied to the front a moving train. This may have been the film's portrayal of Gustav Sebald. This Gustav is portrayed by actor John Dexter.

Television seriesEdit

In the television series A Series of Unfortunate Events, a character named Gustav appears and is portrayed by Luke Camilleri. Similar to the film, he appears as an assistant to Uncle Monty.



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