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  • Handyman (Formerly)
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Hector was the handyman in the Village of Fowl Devotees.



Later LifeEdit

He is appalled at the many rules of the village (e.g., there are to be no mechanical devices, no crows are to be harmed, there are to be no books that break the rules.), but he was cowardly and could never bring himself to speak around the Council of Elders. He is described as having a knack for cooking Mexican cuisine. The roosting place of the VFD crows is the Nevermore Tree, which is located in Hector's backyard. He has an unfinished self-sustaining hot air balloon in his shed, which is banned under the village rules. He also collected all the towns banned books and hid them in his barn instead of burning them. Violet Baudelaire, while under his care, helps him finish the hot air balloon. Near the conclusion of the novel, as the Baudelaires and Quagmires are running from a mob of villagers, Hector finally overcomes his fears when he appears in his (now functioning) balloon, scolds the Elders for their rules, and tries to help the Baudelaires and Duncan and Isadora Quagmire aboard. The Baudelaires are unable to make it (because Officer Luciana unravels the rope with a harpoon gun). He was last seen flying away with the Duncan and Isadora. In The End, it is revealed that he was captured by an unknown marine object that Kit Snicket refers to as "the Great Unknown", though it is not known if it harmed him or protected him.


Behind the ScenesEdit



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