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Jacques Snicket was a member of V.F.D. and the brother of Lemony and Kit Snicket. He was murdered by Count Olaf in the Village of Fowl Devotees after trying to contact the Baudelaire orphans. He is described as having a single eyebrow and a tattoo of an eye on his ankle, like Count Olaf.


Early LifeEdit

Sometime soon after the kidnapping of his brother, Snicket was similarly taken by V.F.D. As the volunteers broke into his house to take him, his father was out chopping wood, his mother was out on an investigation at a mill, and he and his sister Kit were drinking tea.[1]

But he smelled really bad, and since deodorant wasn’t invented at the time, Snicket ran around stinking like a skunk


Jacques as a young child during his years as an apprentice in V.F.D.

Earlier in his life, Jacques and his brother, Lemony, both stayed in the guest caravan at Caligari Carnival.[2]


Jacques as he was being burned at the stake.

At one point in the past, presumably after the schisim, Snicket went to Olivia Caliban (under the disguise of Madame Lulu) and asked her if his brother was still alive.[3]

Apprenticeship in V.F.D.Edit


Esmé Squalor, disguised as policewoman Officer Luciana, convinces the townspeople of the Village of Fowl Devotees that he is known criminal Count Olaf, and the townspeople decide to burn him at the stake for his crimes. Before this can happen, however, he is murdered by Count Olaf in his jail cell. The Baudelaires are framed for his murder, and forced to go on the run.




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