The Snow Scouts
Organization information
Headquarters Located at

The Mortmain Mountains




The Snow Scouts were a group of children featured in Book the Tenth, The Slippery Slope. Led by Bruce (featured in Book the Second), the uncle of unpleasant girl Carmelita Spats, every year they trek up the Mortmain Mountains to celebrate False Spring, when it seems like spring but actually isn't.


The Baudelaires meet the Snow Scouts in a cave on the mountain, a habitat for Volunteer Feline Detectives, lions employed by V.F.D. The cave they are in has a Vertical Flame Diversion, a long chimney used to direct the flames out of the cave (and to climb up). Later in the book, the Snow Scouts are captured by Olaf and taken to work in his submarine in Book the Eleventh, The Grim Grotto (other than Carmelita, who Esmé Squalor treasures and spoils).

Behind the ScenesEdit




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