The Veritable French Diner
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141 Dark Avenue, in the city

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The Veritable French Diner was a restaurant located at 141 Dark Avenue, just down the street from 667 Dark Avenue. It's motto was "Le Monde Ici, C'est Calme" (in english: "The World is Quiet Here"), which is the motto of the similarly initialed Volunteer Fire Department. It had breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. It can be assumed, through correspondence from Lemony Snicket's autobiography, that it was in this restaurant that Esmé first met Jerome Squalor and began her plan to gain power and control.


Esmé Squalor had sought the help of Geraldine Julienne in finding the owner of the penthouse in 667 Dark Avenue. Through letter correspondence it was revealed she told Esmé about Jerome Squalor and told her that she could "accidently" bump into him at the restaurant from 7:30 to 8:30 A.M. She also mentioned that the restaurant was considered "in".